Winter Menu and Cedar Plank Aging Room

Charuterie Platter

It’s decadence you can afford

The Roxton’s Winter menu gives new meaning to Canadian Comfort Cuisine

The neighbourhood bistro, The Roxton, along with owner Newton Francis Jr. and Chef D. Ellis, are proud to present their new winter menu and introduce The Roxton’s own Cedar Plank Aging Room. Launched last week, the menu includes a braised Oxtail in dark chocolate and raisin over Yorkshire pudding, pan-fried lemon and rosemary Cornish hen with chevre gnudie, and rolled vegetable lasagne with artichoke hearts, rapini and mushrooms in a home-made tomato sauce. In true neighbourhood bistro style, Francis Jr. sources all of the restaurant’s meats a few blocks north at the community’s family butcher, Gasparros, and then cures and ages all of the charcuterie in the Harbord spot’s recently constructed Cedar Plank Aging Room.

“Many restaurants in town outsource for either the curing or aging process of some or all of their charcuterie options. In most circumstances it’s an issue of availability, time or space. With our new Cedar Plank Aging Room, we are able to prepare and age all of our own meats,” says Francis Jr.

Francis has great ambition for the restaurant’s new direction and goes on to say, “by early new year, we will be making our own brie and fromage in that same space – and don’t look past the condiments and pickled sides; The Roxton prepares every relish, ketchup, BBQ sauce and pickled vegetable fresh and in-house.”

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